85 series Electronic bidet seat washlet toilet seat

  • Model No.:85 series
  • Certification:SGS ,CE
  • Made in:Taiwan
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E'LOO accommodates nearly 100% of toilet seats.Installing bidet seat is simple and does not require to renew the old toilet installment.

Key Features

1. Color: White
2. Round Type: 470*385*110mm (L*W*H)
3. Elongated Type: 520*385*110mm (L*W*H)
4. 110V-120V ; 220V- 240V, 50/60Hz

General Functions
1. Nozzle Type-Dual
2. Family Cleanse
3. Lady Cleanse
4. Water Heating
5. 3 levels Water Pressure Control
6. 4 levels Water Temperature Control
7. 4 levels Seat Temperature Control
8. Power Saving

Comfort and Conveniences
1. Pulsating Water Feature (SPA)
2. Air Dryer
3. Active Carbon Deodorizer
4. Soft Close Seat and Lid
5. Night Light
6. Remote control
7. Quick & Easy Installation

1.Germ-Resistant Plastic
2.Self-Cleaning Water Wand
3.Changeable Nozzle Head
4.UV Light

Main Export Market

AUSTRALASIA ,Antigua And Barbuda ,Brazil ,C-AMERICA ,Canada ,Chile ,Colombia ,Denmark ,Indonesia ,Italy ,MID-EAST ,Mainland China ,Malaysia ,Mexico ,OTHER ,Philippines ,Singapore ,Spain ,Taiwan ,Turkey ,United States

Product Certification: