Breeza Hand Dryer

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    Key Features

    ✔Burning proof ABS plastic : It is the most safe solution to the unexpected fire
    ✔Enhancing the Hygienic characteristics : Full Antibacterial treatment 
    ✔Quadruple air filtering system.
    These 4 layers air filtering system guaranty cleaner air to user’s hands to avoid the second contamination of hands after washing. 
    ✔For disabled people’s convenience
    For disabled people’s convenience, “E'LOO Breeza Hand Dryer” has Triple infrared sensors. By using 3 sets of infrared sensors, wherever they put their hands into, “E'LOO Breeza Hand Dryer” will be reliably operated.
    ✔Speed adjustment available 
    Owner can adjust air speed by 1~5 levels to meet the respective place’s conditions
    ✔Users don't need to rub hands to dry.
    ✔By using waste heat of motor, its air blowing temperature rises up to 48.0°C(118.4°F) 
    ✔CPU-controlled circuit with multiple infrared sensors.
    ✔Applying temperature controller and Automatic Shut-Off system.
    If temperature of motor reaches 80.0°C(176.0°F), it shuts off the motor power and stops operation. After overheating condition clears, it automatically recovers the operation.
    ✔Artistic modern design and sensational colors makes your bathroom impressive.
    ✔As an interior accessory in the rest room, customers can upgrade the value of their space.
    ✔Applicable sites 
    Airport, Hospital, Shopping Center, Office Building, Theater, School, Hotel, Restaurant, Factory etc.

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